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The freshest, most beautiful greens, cut flowers, floral fillers and floral supplies - at wholesale prices - for florists, decorators and the public!

The Los Angeles Flower District (LA flower mart) is the Los Angeles area's premiere wholesale flower market resource for flower growers, shippers, suppliers, floral wholesalers, distributors, floral designers, event planners and retail florists in the floriculture and horticulture industries. Located in downtown Los Angeles on Wall Street between 7th and 8th streets, the Flower District and Los Angeles flower markets are convenient to major freeways and only minutes from airport, suburbs and commercial centers, facilitating the flow of floral products from field to consumer.

Allium, available from tenants and vendors of the Los Angeles Flower DistrictPart of the Los Angeles Fashion District Business Improvement District, the Los Angeles Flower District is helping to transform an historic Los Angeles manufacturing area into an exciting mix of residential, retail, wholesale and manufacturing establishments, complimented with the exquisite fresh, cut flowers and greens and wholesale floral supplies available at this, the largest wholesale flower district in the United States!

Visit the Los Angeles Flower District and its member flower markets and merchants on Wall Street. Get excited about our treasury of flowers and floral supplies for every occasion and all your floral design needs!

Whether you know it as the Los Angeles Flower Mart, Market or District, the original flower markets in the 700 block of S. Wall Street* offer an outstanding array of the freshest flowers and greens available, many of them California grown.

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*There are a lot of latecomers to the area on the surrounding streets, but it's the original Los Angeles Flower District (and the largest wholesale flower district in the U.S.) on Wall Street, between Seventh and Eighth streets that holds the floral treasures you're looking for. We provide convenient garage parking and welcome you to visit us!

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