Flower Anniversaries

Birthday & Anniversary Months of the Year

Month Flower Birthstone Sentiment
January Carnation Garnet Constancy
February Violet Amethyst Modesty
March Jonquil Aquamarine Wisdom
April Sweet Pea Diamond Innocence
May Lily of Valley Emerald Perfect Purity
June Rose Pearl Admiration
July Larkspur Ruby Freedom
August Gladiolus Sardonyx Friendship
September Aster Sapphire Virtue
October Calendula Opal Hope
November Chrysanthemum Topaz Fidelity
December Poinsettia Turquoise Success

Wedding Anniversaries

Anniversary Year Gift Made of… Anniversary Year Gift Made Of…
1st Paper 13th Lace
2nd Cotton 14th Ivory
3rd Leather 15th Crystal
4th Fruits/Flowers 20th China
5th Wood 25th Silver
6th Sugar 30th Pearl
7th Wool 35th Coral
8th Pottery 40th Ruby
9th Willow 45th Sapphire
10th Tin 50th Gold
11th Steel 55th Emerald
12th Silk/Linen 75th Diamond