Floriography Guide

Say It With Flowers!

There is no better way to make a personal, heartfelt expression than with flowers. We show you how in the Floriography Guide here at LAFlowerDistrict.com.

What do flowers mean? A red rose carries a different meaning than a yellow rose, or a carnation or lily. Check out all the ways your flowers can say Thank You, You have my deepest sympathy, Happy Birthday, Best wishes in your new home, Happy wedding/marriage, Congratulations … and more.

View our Flower Expressions here

What flowers should I send for their 25th wedding anniversary? Wouldn’t want to send 50th year flowers for a 10th anniversary, or a 35-year-birthday to a 16-year-old, would you?

Check out the anniversary and birthday flowers and here
(We also include a list of the materials like gold, diamonds, wood, recommended for certain anniversaries)

What is the official flower for the State of Oregon? Or Tennessee … or California? This might be a Jeopardy question … or you might need the answer for that big event you’re designing and planning in that state.

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